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Memory Lines is a piece that explores involuntary memory and its relation to sensory stimuli in the external environment, through interactive threads that are suspended across a spaceEach line represents and acts as a  trigger, revealing an assortment of shifting memories when touched, changing dependent on pressure and placement.


The piece began as a game with Eva Macali, asking her to recite thoughts and memories to a dictaphone, as she walked around the grounds we were both staying in. 


These dilapidated cassette memories were then unfurled through fragmented audio loops so as to never reveal the full memory - allowing people who interact with the work to explore whatever links arise in their own minds - and also bringing an abstracted past, physically into the present.

Possible visual cues in the surrounding environment were documented through photography that lined the perimeter of the space (samples shown below). 

This piece was made over the course of a few days on a scholarship at The Field Kitchen Academy 2020.


Charlotte Colemant 

Voice/Memories: Eva Macali

Memory Lines

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