Hearing Hands

Hearing Hands is an interactive, modern day ritual that invites participants to immerse their hands and listen. As they explore the object, an ambient generative composition dictated by their hand movements runs alongside a hyper-real version of the original sound, allowing the participant to observe their hands in relation to the sonic textures. The combination of the sound with the physical properties of the object incite playful and entrancing interactions, as the object cascades, swells and sounds to the movement. Sounds shift and give the illusion of change, but stay restricted to a simple algorithm. 


This project was conceptualised whilst questioning the ways in which we communicate in the modern world - largely through information technology that is driven by an attention economy. These technologies, through their business models and design, incite a temporal ambiguity and sensory bias, through the constant regeneration of the ‘new’ and their disembodied modes of communication. Through creative sound design and synthetic materials, I have tried to mimic these elements in sculptural form, creating an individualised (with possibility of collective) experience that engages a sensory lethargy where, over time, the physical sensation of the hands are lost in a maelstrom of confusion.


Help from Lottie Turner 


csssssommunal engagesment.jpg